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The Society should be run cooperatively, with all members having equal rights and responsibilities. Suggestions for BCLTS policies and initiatives are welcome from each member. The BCLTS is primarily a discussion forum, and every member should play a positive role in BCLTS activities in order that members may work together to improve the standard of Chinese language teaching, particularly in UK higher education institutions.


The officers of the Society Committee (Chairperson, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, Network Coordinator and Deputy Chairperson) should be nominated and subject to election by members of BCLTS at the Annual General Meeting. The term of duty for each officer is four years. Elected officers must take responsibility for the fulfilment of their duties. From 1999 to 2001, the BCLTS expanded its membership and involved all Chinese language teaching departments in UK higher education institutions. Currently, its membership comes from over 30 HEIs which offer Chinese language teaching and teachers of Mandarin Chinese in U.K. schools, colleges and other institutions.

    Lifelong honorary membership of the BCLTS may be given to senior or retired teachers who have made a significant contribution to Chinese language teaching in the UK, but who are no longer formally engaged in institutional Chinese language teaching. This could include teachers in related fields who have taught modern Chinese in the past. These members would be nominated by BCLTS members and approved by the committee. The lifelong honorary members do not need to pay membership fee, but they would be expected to offer their expertise where relevant to the development of the BCLTS. They will have the same rights (voting, etc.) as members of the BCLTS, though they usually do not stand in for office. Their expenses would be covered by BCLTS when attending BCLTS events.


Funding Policies (Last undated in September 2012)

The financial policy items below apply to all BCLTS members enrolled for the 2012-2013 session. Our financial policy is dependent on funding and is therefore subject to review. Possible amendments will be discussed before or during the next AGM.

1. New membership and renewing membership. The single annual membership fee of £35 is valid from 1st October of a given year to 30th September of the following year. Current BCLTS Full Members are encouraged to renew their membership every September, and at the latest by 31st October in order to qualify for a discounted renewal fee of £20. If membership fee is paid after 31st October the member will be treated as a new member and will have to pay for a full fee of £35.

2. Attending BCLTS events. Existing and new full members who paid membership fee before 31st March can attend BCLTS conference/workshop of the year with financial supports. They will not be asked to pay for the accommodation, but it will be the members' own responsibility to find the travel grants, unless they are invited to present in the events.

3. Authors of papers. If a paper is accepted by the BCLTS Committee, the author of the paper will be given funds to cover his or her TA grants.

4. Speakers. The BCLTS will give TA grants to those who are invited to speak by the BCLTS Committee.

5.  Colleagues teaching Mandarin Chinese in U.K. schools and private sectors, MA or PhD students and teachers from Confucius Institute are welcome to join as Associate Members. Associate Members The annual membership fee is £35. Associate members are not required to pay a conference fee when attending a BCLTS event, but the BCLTS will not be responsible for an associate member’s TA, accommodation and other expenses.

6. Cancellations. The Full Members concerned will be responsible for paying accommodation costs if he or she cannot attend a BCLTS event and fails to cancel his or her accommodation by a specified date.

BCLTS Committee Chair's Report

1. Report for 2012-2014

(Please note that the report is encrypted, only members with password could open it)

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