The British Chinese Language Teaching Society





British Association for Chinese Studies.



American Council for Teaching Foreign Languages.


Cypress Book Co. UK Ltd.

Cypress Book is a subsidiary of the CIBTC which is the largest exporter of publications in China. Cypress Books distributes books and journals in Chinese, English, and other major European languages.


European Association of Chinese Studies

Web links related to Chinese studies including Chinese language teaching associations in Europe.


Great Britain China Centre

Information on UK China-related activities and scholarships available for students of Chinese.


The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching

China's world organisation for the teaching of Chinese language.


US Chinese Language Teachers Association

Much useful information (updated regularly) for Chinese language teachers.


World Chinese Language Association

Website organised by Taiwan for international Chinese language teaching.



The Swiss Association for the Teaching of Chinese was founded in 2015. The goal of the association is to establish Chinese classes in the Swiss education system. The association is also dedicated to providing training and further education for teachers of Chinese and to serve as the main contact on matters concerning the teaching of Chinese in Switzerland.


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