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How to become a member

The British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS) welcomes those who would like to work together to improve the national standard of Chinese language teaching in general and particularly in UK higher education institutions.


Types of membership


There are three groups of members from the UK and Ireland:


  1. Full members are colleagues who are teaching Chinese in higher education institutions in the UK.


  1. Associate members are:


  • Postgraduate students who are interested in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and are conducting relevant research projects;


  • Colleagues who teach Chinese in the Primary schools, Secondary schools or other similar institutions.


  1. Institutional members are the Confucius Institutes, from each of which a maximum of 5 staff members can join each year.


Duration and benefits


  • The period covered by the annual membership is from 1st Oct. to 30 Sept of each academic year.
  • All members are entitled to free registration for annual conference and workshop.
  • Existing and new full members who pay the membership fees before 31 March can attend conference/workshop of the year with financial supports.
  • Full members will automatically become full members of European Chinese Language Teaching Association.
  • All types of members can benefit from our free mailing lists and BCLTS Wechat Group.


Current annual rates


  • Full membership (renewal): £20 (Existing full members to renew online before 31 October)
  • Full membership (new): £35 (new and full members to renew after 31 October)
  • Associate membership (new and renewal): £35
  • Institutional membership: £250


New joiner


If you join the BCLTS for the first time, please fill in the membership application forms for individual and for institutional and then send it to our Deputy Chair Lingling Mao ( before you pay online. The Committee will inform you the decision via email within two weeks.


Online payment


Please pay through Oxford Online Store for your membership. If you have inquiries about payments, please contact our Treasurer Catherine Hua Xiang (


For more details, please refer to ‘CONVENTION’ in our website; for any other information, please contact our Coordinator Xiuping Li (



For a list of existing members, please click here.


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